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      Dr. Marquardt – Spezialist für Ästhetik und Funktion in der Zahnmedizin – Praxis in Tegernsee  

Praxis Dr. Siegfried Marquardt

Spezialist für Ästhetik und Funktion in der Zahnmedizin (DGÄZ) | Spezialist für Implantologie (EDA / BDIZ-EDI)

World Member of Leading Implant Centers

Dr. Siegfried Marquardt qualifies for another year as a member

Zug, March 2015 | A certificate from Leading Implant Centers, Dr. Siegfried Marquardt has earned this for another year, giving his patients the assurance that he always keeps his expertise in the field of oral implantology to the level of the latest scientific developments.

Everyone who is diagnosed by their dental specialist needing an „implant“ immediately faces the following questions:

  • Is my dentist also a qualified implantologist?
  • How do I recognize a qualified implantologist?
  • How do I find out which implantologist is the right one for me?

marquardt_LIC_FBUp to now it was not that easy to answer these questions. The spectrum of various qualification levels on the market of oral implantology is big. Every imaginable level exists: from minimal and basic implantological knowledge that is transmitted to dental specialists in weekend seminars through to the specially designed master course studies as well as special, highly demanding certification levels of dental associations. How can patients orient themselves around this clutter? Whom and what can they rely on?

Leading Implant Centers is an exclusive internet platform that was founded two years ago with the aim of creating transparency within the worldwide market of implantologists. With our highly demanding entry criteria which Dr. Siegfried Marquardt verifiably fulfills only those implantologists, who successfully completed the master course or reached the highest certification standards in their scientific association, are presented on the portal. Therefore a specifically created scientific advisory board annually examines if the members are continually fulfilling the entry criteria. If this is the case, these implantologists receive the confirmation of „World Member of Leading Implant Centers“ for another year.

A certificate, that is newly issued on an annual basis, makes this the highest qualification for Dr. Siegfried Marquardt and also now makes this visible to the patient. It is simply not enough to qualify once as a member of Leading Implant Centers to remain listed within the circle of the best implantologists. With further education and training every member needs to prove that their specialist qualification is continuously at the latest scientific level.

What does this mean for the patient? Simply put: It is a big relief and clearly offers more security. With the certificate of Leading Implant Centers for the current year, the patient can count on Dr. Siegfried Marquardt to be in good hands.

Security for the patient – with Leading Implant Centers the market of implantology has clearly gained in transparency.

Herzlich willkommen bei der Zahngesundheit am Tegernsee!
Unser Haus gilt als renommierte Anlaufstelle für alle Menschen, die etwas für ihre Zähne tun wollen oder müssen. Die Praxis von Dr. Siegfried Marquardt hat sich spezialisiert auf Implantologie, Vorsorge und Zahnästhetik. Wir praktizieren dabei höchste Ansprüche an Medizin und Technik - und gerade das hat uns im Laufe der Jahre den Ruf eines Kompetenz-Zentrums eingebracht.Wir sind ihr Zahnarzt für Implantate

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